Marloes van Haasteren

Marloes is an Analyst at Hogenhouck m&a. She did the Master’s in Finance at Tilburg University. Before that, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance & Control.

She is eager to learn and forward-looking, constantly seeking new knowledge and developments in the field. Her analytical skills enable her to understand complex information and develop effective strategies. Marloes’ expertise includes business profiling and analysis, preparation of information memoranda and marketing companies. Within Hogenhouck, she wants to further deepen her understanding of the deal process, building and strengthening relationships and contacts with entrepreneurs, and striving for the best outcome for the entrepreneur.

For Marloes, “empowering entrepreneurs” means much more than just completing a business transaction. It’s about providing the right support and inspiration to strengthen business operations, achieve the company’s mission and fuel the entrepreneur’s passion. We work with the entrepreneur to develop plans and steps to make a positive impact on society, in line with the company’s goals.

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