Stefan Nguyen

Stefan is an Analyst within Hogenhouck. He completed his Masters in Finance at the University of Amsterdam Magna cum laude. Within Hogenhouck, he engages in a wide range of tasks, including performing and preparing market, business, valuation and financial analyses. He has a thorough knowledge of these analyses and uses them to generate valuable insights for the team.

In addition, Stefan is adept at creating documentation for marketing ventures. He knows how to present information in a convincing and structured manner so that potential investors and clients get a clear picture of their company’s value proposition.

Stefan’s strengths come in handy within his position. He is critical and always goes to the heart of a problem. His eagerness to learn ensures that he is constantly acquiring new knowledge and insights, allowing him to move quickly and adapt to changing circumstances. Moreover, he is analytically strong and able to dissect and solve complex issues.

With his broad skills, strong work ethic and commitment to continuous growth, Stefan is a valuable member of the team at Hogenhouck.

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