Daan Zonneveld

Daan Zonneveld is an associate at Hogenhouck m&a and is responsible for getting to the bottom of business models, value added and the numbers of companies. He deals with the entire flow of m&a transactions, from market and business analysis, valuations, information memoranda, marketing and bidding, data rooms and due diligence processes to legal finalization.

Daan holds a Master’s degree in Financial Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. During his studies, Daan became interested in M&A and during his follow-up internship at Hogenhouck (2018), he wanted to delve deeper into it. Since completing his studies, Daan has been working at Hogenhouck. In addition to his work, Daan can be found regularly at the gym or on a ski slope.

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