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In this series, we engage with entrepreneurs. Hear about their business, their journey and experiences with mergers, acquisitions and financing.


You just desperately need a company like Hogenhouck

Erwin Liesting


We could never have done that whole process and negotiation ourselves.

René Koeken

Koninklijke Peitsman

I didn't feel for a second that I was alone in this.

Erwin Liesting


Hogenhouck suited us well, no nonsense but just straight to the point.

Olaf van der Hoorn


It is also about a piece of coaching, what choices you have to make and what does it mean for you.

Walter Hueber


They are very good at outlining the scenarios you can choose and what that means.

Marjolijn Mijer

Urban Gym Group

It was a very, very strategic role that they played.

Gian Carlo Coletta

ATG Europe

With Hogenhouck, you really do a whole process like this together.

Peter Altevogt

Korton Group

Our added value.

Guiding the sale of your business, buying a business and suggesting the right opportunity lies between your business considerations and your personal interests. In the process we enter into, it means helping you take charge of your future. That’s why it is important that we know how you envision your future. We want to get to know and understand you. We pull together as a team. We complement your knowledge with our expertise of markets, market players, negotiations and a successful M&A track record spanning over fifteen years. And guide you through the world behind the numbers you don’t know and where everyone wants something from you.

A lot is happening in the m&a market.

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I want to ensure that our team delivers top performance every day for our clients.

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Hein Stoops


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