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Further expansion with private equity.

Private equity (PE) firms, invest in private companies. They usually acquire a substantial ownership stake in these companies with the goal of generating a substantial return on their investment. They aim to improve the (financial) performance of the companies in which they participate, which is beneficial to both the investors and the company itself. If you need capital to further grow your business, then an investment by a private equity firm is a possible step. At the same time, this allows you as an entrepreneur to cash in on a piece of the accumulated value in your business.

Why collaborate with
private equity?

Realizing a pre-exit

As an entrepreneur, you have worked hard to get your business to where it is today and you still have plans for the next step with the business. At the same time, you think it’s time to cash in some of the accumulated value. Then private equity can play a facilitating role and you as an entrepreneur can sell part of your shares with a so-called pre-exit and still shape the next step.

Access to capital

Private equity firms typically invest significant amounts in your company. You can use this capital to fund strategic initiatives, such as product development, growing your workforce, international expansion or making acquisitions of complementary businesses.

Extensive network

Private equity firms bring a valuable network, which they use to further grow your business. They have access to industry experts, have the right inputs within the financial sector and other contacts with whom you can explore business opportunities or establish partnerships.

"Great operational value and a clear strategy for the future."

Expertise and operational improvements

Private equity firms bring a wealth of experience in management, operations, strategy and finance. Whether you’re looking for help optimizing business processes, finding and installing a strong management layer or implementing best practices, private equity has done it all before.

Organic growth

Private equity investors today are much closer to the company. This is reflected in the increased number of hands-on investors and parties with dedicated operational teams. Do you see many opportunities abroad, want to grow your team exponentially or have an idea for a new product but don’t know how best to approach it? Then the expertise and experience of private equity can be invaluable to you as an entrepreneur.

Buy & build strategy

One of the most common growth strategies used by private equity is to shape and execute a buy & build strategy. Together with you, a clear plan is defined to add as much value as possible to the company with targeted acquisitions. In this, private equity brings a lot of knowledge to identifying potential targets, valuing the company, structuring the deal, organizing financing and guiding the transaction process.

Exit strategy

The main goal of private equity firms is to earn a return on their investment, which is why they are thinking about their eventual exit at all times. This includes further growing sales, professionalizing operations, improving profitability and reducing the company’s risk profile. This maximizes the return on an eventual exit from which the investor and you as an entrepreneur reap the benefits.



private equity?

By working with private equity firms, you bring to the table a partner with great operational added value and a clear strategy for the future to ensure the continuity of the company and maximize the ultimate value.

Private equity

benefits at a glance:

  • Private equity provides financial security for entrepreneurs who want to cash in on part of the business value (de-risking).
  • Private equity firms bring their knowledge, experience and network to the table to help grow your business.
  • Private equity offers you, as a shareholder or manager, the opportunity to participate in future value creation on favourable terms.
  • Private equity can help assess and execute a strategy.
  • With a private equity investor, you can execute a buy & build strategy


In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in private equity funds because they tend to perform well and offer more flexibility than more tradtitional types of financing. They are willing to take different kinds of risks than banks and other institutional investors. As an entrepreneur, you must carefully assess beforehand whether partnering with a private equity investor is consistent with the goals you have for your business, your philosophy and DNA. We will help you with this assessment by sparring with you and sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

We are your partner in the private equity process

We have an extensive network in the private equity sector and can help you identify potential investors for your company. Once suitable private equity firms are identified, we bring the introduction to fruition and guide discussions about a potential investment. We negotiate all terms of the investment for and on your behalf, including the valuation of your company and thus the equity interest the investor acquires. Private equity funds commission due diligence on a company before making an investment. We provide tight preparation and manage the entire – often intensive – process. We also help coordinate the various parties involved in the process, such as lawyers and accountants, to ensure a smooth and timely completion.

What do we want to do for you?

Guiding you through the sale of your business, the acquisition of a business and bringing in the right investor means helping you take charge of your future. That’s why it is important that we know how you envision your future. We want to get to know and understand you. Knowing where your balance lies between your business considerations and your personal interests. 

We pull together as a team for the process that we are starting. We complement your knowledge with our knowledge of markets, market players, negotiations and an m&a track record of over 15 years, and guide you through the world behind the numbers you don’t know and where everyone wants something from you.

'Value maximization through private equity impulse.'

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