Jeroen Palmen

Jeroen is Analyst at Hogenhouck and completed his Master’s degree in Strategic Corporate Finance at Maastricht University. He comes under our Business Development team, where he focuses on new projects, markets and liaising with entrepreneurs. He plays an active role in identifying and attracting valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs and our clients.

Some of Jeroen’s strong traits include his extroverted personality, drive and solution orientation. He is a true team player and thrives on interacting with others. His determination and ability to find creative solutions enable him to work effectively to achieve goals and overcome challenges.

For Jeroen, “empowering entrepreneurs” means more than just supporting a business. He believes in thinking with entrepreneurs and understanding the impact a merger or acquisition can have on their lives. He sees it as his responsibility to guide and advise entrepreneurs, along with the team, in a way that helps them grow and succeed, both professionally and personally.

With his enthusiasm, dedication and understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs, Jeroen is a valuable asset to the Hogenhouck team. He is fully committed to identifying new opportunities, deepening his knowledge in SMEs, and guiding entrepreneurs to a successful future.

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