Dialogue, Kirkman Company and YSE join forces to form new company Kyden, supported by Fields Group

Dialogue, Kirkman Company and YSE continue under the name Kyden. Kyden’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society by accelerating the transformation of organizations on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) related themes. Investor FIELDS Group has joined as a shareholder. Hogenhouck m&a advised Dialogue’s shareholders, Kirkman and YSE in this transaction.


Dialogue, Kirkman Company and YSE, are renowned names in their respective fields with a long history. Dialogue is a training and consulting firm that focuses on training, mediation, coaching and peer review. Kirkman Company is an organizational consulting firm and has been successfully driving transformations for 23 years. She helps organizations achieve their goals in harmony with people, society and nature. YSE specializes in interim solutions with young professionals and offers recruitment, selection, training and coaching services for individuals and organizations. Together, the three companies form the new Kyden with more than 175 professionals.


Sustainable society

Kyden’s main goal is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. By joining forces, the founders aim to make an even greater impact. As B Corp-certified companies, they have the expertise to accelerate organizations’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) transformation. Kyden has the ambition to gain a prominent position in the European market as a leading ESG specialist through organic growth and targeted acquisitions. Investor FIELDS Group has joined the company as a shareholder.



Recognizing the synergy in their collaboration, the three organizations are taking a logical step forward by joining forces under the name Kyden, creating a unique full-service ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) service provider. Kyden operates within three core areas: consulting & transformation, training & talent, and technology & data. This partnership allows Kyden to offer comprehensive solutions to clients seeking to address ESG challenges.

The executive team consists of Harry de Haas (Dialogue), Stefanie van de Griendt (YSE), Roy Klaassen (Kirkman Company) and Joris van Gils (FIELDS). The non-executives include Monique van de Griendt (owner Dialogue), Erik van der Meulen and Han Hendriks (co-owners Kirkman Company and YSE).

Roy Klaassen, a member of Kyden’s executive team, sees the accelerated transition to a sustainable society as the most critical challenge of our time. “Organizations are all, to varying degrees, working on guidelines regarding environmental, social and governance issues. Fortunately, much is already happening to increase the positive impact on people and planet, but the pace must and can be increased. The handbrake must be released. With significant changes in environmental, social and governance requirements and growing intrinsic motivation from consumers, employees and executives, we guide companies at all levels of the organization toward future-proof operations. At Kyden, we believe in the transformative power of individuals and teams to improve the performance of both individual organizations and entire ecosystems.”



With the aim of strengthening Kyden’s position and growth as a leading ESG player, Kyden welcomes investor FIELDS Group as a shareholder. With a team of about 175 employees at launch, Kyden is positioning itself as a full-service provider within the growing ESG landscape. Moreover, Kyden is actively seeking companies that fit within their strategy to further consolidate their market position and make an even greater impact. The company aims to become a leading player at the European level in the ESG domain for an accelerated transition to a sustainable society. During the transition, the Kirkman Company, YSE (including the SKLLS and Connectors labels) and Dialogue brands will continue to exist alongside Kyden. In time, these brands will be integrated into the new company.


Shared passion for greater impact

The Hogenhouck team that advised Kyden included Hein Stoops, Maarten van der Heijden and Bart Kooij. In the contacts that initially Dialogue founder Monique van de Griendt had with Hogenhouck, interest in the ESG topic grew and her focus on it began to shift. She decided to discuss this with Erik van der Meulen, already active at Dialogue and co-shareholder of Kirkman and YSE. Together with the other shareholders of Kirkman and YSE, including Han and Ivar, they came to the conclusion that by working together, they could begin to create a greater impact in the ESG domain,

With this common goal in mind, they chose to attract Fields as an investor as a partner. This resulted in the creation of Kyden, which now combines the expertise and experience of the three companies. Current management will remain involved, allowing for a seamless transition and close collaboration. With the new partnership, the entrepreneurs strongly believe in the intended acceleration of their proposition and the impact they can begin to realize.

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