TSA Group Delft bv joins MyBit Group

Delft-based software development company TSA Group is becoming part of the MyBit Group. TSA Group’s affiliation is another step in MyBit Group’s strategic expansion into one of the leading Dutch players in developing high-quality custom software. Hogenhouck m&a advised TSA Group in this transaction.


Leading expertise in custom software

TSA Group Delft is an established name and leading Dutch party in the field of custom software, best known for its Delphi expertise.
For over 30 years, TSA Group Delft has been known for its specialty in developing and maintaining numerous business-critical applications. In addition, more than 100 municipalities rely on TSA’s innovative software solutions around organizing elections.


Stack-agnostic approach

The MyBit Group is a specialist in Custom Software Development. What is special about this is the “stack-agnostic” approach to software development: the MyBit Group is not limited to using a few specific techniques. The various companies in the MyBit Group are all excels in diverse technical stacks.
As a result, the MyBit Group possesses a wide range of specific professional skills at the highest quality level. As a whole, the MyBit Group is able to serve clients in both the public and private sectors with a broad pallet of techniques and knowledge. Moreover, with 200+ employees, the MyBit Group ensures that continuity in service is always guaranteed.

New phase

Gabor Bos and Leon Kerkstra continue to lead the further expansion of TSA Group Delft and integration of TSA within MyBit Group. TSA management is excited about joining the MyBit Group: “A wonderful new phase is dawning for TSA. This applies to both our employees and our customers. We continue to develop the best software solutions from Delft and can offer our clients an even wider range of services and specializations from the MyBit Group.

Harmony between corporate cultures

Hogenhouck m&a accompanied Peter Tanis on behalf of TSA in this transaction with Hein Stoops and Bart van ‘t Zet. Hein Stoops on this partnership: ‘TSA is a leading company specialized in the development of business-critical software with Delphi and PHP. The strategic decision to partner with MyBit comes from careful considerations and is based to promote business growth, product development and staff well-being. MyBit’s stack-agnostic product offering will be enhanced by Delphi’s specialist knowledge at TSA. In addition, there is a similarity between the corporate cultures of TSA and MyBit. Both companies offer not only a vision of excellence, but also a deep understanding of the industry. This corresponding culture provides the basis for a seamless integration, essential for maintaining TSA’s identity and values. The mutual complementarity of the companies creates a synergistic collaboration that drives growth and innovation. This synergy is important not only for strengthening its position in the market, but also for providing added value to existing and future customers. TSA values a good business environment for its employees. By choosing MyBit, this concern is guaranteed. In short, MyBit’s acquisition of TSA embodies not only a great partnership, but also a carefully considered decision to strengthen the company’s culture, expertise, and staff welfare in a positive way. This collaboration marks the beginning of a successful new chapter.

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