Managed services provider Datamex joins Interstellar

Breda-based Managed Services Provider Datamex Automatisering B.V. joins IT services provider Interstellar. In doing so, Datamex will work closely with its Brabant-based colleague DataByte, which has been part of Interstellar since March 2021. Hogenhouck m&a advised the director-owner of Datamex in this transaction.

After 39 years, Datamex changes hands

Datamex was founded in 1983 by Jan Peters and acquired by his son Rik in 2011. Datamex helps clients in SMEs automate processes and ensure the continuity of their organization with integrated solutions. Datamex will continue to operate independently with the current management team led by director Jazdan Tabe and retain its own vision and strategy.

Director-owner of Datamex, Rik Peters, is stepping down with the acquisition. Peters ”I am very happy and proud that we are joining Interstellar with Datamex. It will take time getting used to the idea the company no longer being part of my family after 39 years, but I am confident that what my father and I have built in a good way and with great potential will be continued by Interstellar and the current MT.

Buy-and-build strategy of Interstellar

The acquisition is part of a buy-and-build strategy aimed at growing Interstellar into the most relevant IT service provider in the Netherlands. With this acquisition, Interstellar consists of 11 successful companies in the ICT sector.

CEO Maarten van Montfoort of Interstellar aims to provide high-level support to clients in all aspects of the digital journey: “We are delighted to add Datamex to the Interstellar collection, further strengthening our position as a leading IT service provider in the Southern Netherlands. Together with the team at Datamex, we can support existing and new customers even more broadly with IT issues.”

Focus on MSP activities and growth with Interstellar

In 39 years, Datamex has grown into a leading, nationwide IT company with 70 employees. Traditionally, Datamex combined ERP and Managed Services activities. The ERP business was transferred to Belgium’s iFacto Business Solutions earlier this year. The Managed Services business with 40 employees will now continue within Interstellar.

Director Jazdan Tabe of Datamex said, “Like Rik, I am very proud of joining the Interstellar group. We look forward to working with the other service providers. We cherish the wonderful company that the Peters family has built and will continue the business operations in line with their philosophy. The fact that we will be working shoulder to shoulder with DataByte gives me confidence that Datamex will become even more decisive and also continue to fulfill its future ambitions.”

Strategic collaboration DataByte

Both Datamex and DataByte have been operating as full service IT service providers in the Southwest Netherlands for over thirty years. As West Brabant colleagues, they are entering into a strategic partnership. They share their expertise, portfolio and innovations. By presenting a front on an equal footing, the strategic competitiveness of both companies grows tremendously. This helps Datamex and DataByte provide even better support to clients in the SMB and nonprofit sectors for IT issues that are becoming increasingly challenging and complex.

CEO John Heijnen of DataByte: “Like Datamex, our ambition is to stay ahead in a rapidly changing IT market. This is possible within the Interstellar family by joining forces and sharing expertise. This allows us to continue to advise and support our customers at the very highest level. Moreover, this strengthens our leading position in Southwest Netherlands, especially also when it comes to attracting talented, new colleagues.”

Joining forces gives good position

Hogenhouck m&a advised director-owner Rik Peters in this transaction. Hein Stoops commented, “In this field, substantive broad expertise and talent attraction are becoming increasingly important. This now comes together with the moment that Rik Peters wants to perpetuate the successful company for the future. By joining forces with Interstellar, Datamex will be in a good position to continue offering broad services and be attractive as an employer.”

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