Kyden has been nominated as Best Small Cap Deal for the 2023 M&A Awards. Hogenhouck m&a advised the shareholders in this unique transaction.

Kyden, a revolutionary ESG platform, was recently formed through a merger of three separate firms – Dialogue, Kirkman & Company, and Yse – with Fields Group as investor.

The platform is fully committed to accelerating the transition to a sustainable society. Kyden focuses exclusively on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

This M&A transaction – which began with a search for an investor for Dialogue – evolved into a more comprehensive plan to establish an ESG platform with Kirkman Company and Yse, and to begin shaping a buy-and-build strategy with investor Fields Group. This eventually resulted in three transactions to then operate as one organization under the Kyden name.

Merging these companies, with different specializations, creates synergy and lays the foundation for a professional organization with a joint management team. This provides opportunities not only for further growth, but also for personal development of those involved. Fields Group as an investor strengthens feasibility and accelerates growth, making Kyden a unique transaction that embodies the essence of ESG.

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