On December 1, we will move to our new larger office at Lange Voorhout 1. A beautiful characterful building a 1-minute walk from our current office. A place where we can continue to grow, and where life is good, for ourselves and for guests.

We are happy to have found this beautiful place and thus continue to enjoy the most beautiful avenue in The Hague! A place that has bevome a part of us, and where we enjoy going to every day.

Farewell to ‘number 11’

Lange Voorhout 11. The address where we were located as an office for the past four and a half years, but with about 25 employees, we grew out of there. We will quite miss the well-known bronze statue of Hague writer Louis Couperus in front of the building. We enjoyed seeing people stop there daily to take pictures. That did not bore me for a moment.

Sequel to ‘number 1’

Our office is located on the second floor in this beautiful historic building at the head of Lange Voorhout and the corner of Kneuterdijk. Here we have one large floor with plenty of meeting space.

Be sure to stop by, as it is a fantastic new venue!

Our new address:Hogenhouck m&a, Lange Voorhout 1, 2514 EA The Hague


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